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I still won't be super active and I probably won't be as active as I used to be anytime soon but I will be on more often hopefully, hopefully at least once a month
  • Mood: Distracted
  • Listening to: Spotify
  • Reading: The newest wings of fire book and stuff
  • Watching: Star Trek
  • Eating: Nothing, I'm out of muffins
  • Drinking: Water
"Is the sorceress present?" I asked shifting from foot to foot, I had studied the region's culture but I was still afraid, no matter how much I read, people couldn't be made easier to talk to even with research.
"She might be, why are you wondering?" An intimidating man whom had first come to interview me asked.
"That is a matter I must leave to be discussed with her." said, growing tired of this and subsequently more bored even though I was also still terrified. Whoever thought sending me on this mission was a good idea was wrong on so many levels. I almost decided to light something on fire just to see what would happen when the tall man stood up suddenly and was talking in a suddenly nervous manner. I stood up so I could see what had him so flustered when i saw her, the most stunningly crazy it should be illegal to look that gorgeous but then I would never see it face. The face of the person I was supposed to talk to about serious important magic stuff.

"Who are you?" They asked and I almost passed out, I had to talk to them and they were pretty and I can't talk to strangers and oh my dragon how was I going to handle this?!!!

"Are you okay?" They asked and I snapped out of it, I was a dragon tamer, I was an adventurer, I was terrified of people, and now I was scared again. Go talk to her, you are the expert on dragons, of course it's a good idea, my ass.

"I don't do well around strangers and i don't know why I was chosen to be a messenger! I am a poet yes but this is not the same!" I squeaked. This is when merlin, my pygmy dragon, decided to land on my shoulder because the tent was cooler than outside and I totally humiliatingly Squeaked and knocked out the guard by accidentally lashing out.

"Oh my dragon! I didn't mean to I swear, I am so sorry!" I said but stopped when I saw the sorceress looking at me funny.
"Why don't we go inside the actual building shall we?" She asked and I blinked. "He will be fine, another guard wi'll watch him, but I think you need some time away from the crowds."

I nodded and followed her into one of the buildings on campus.

"so why are you here?" she asked, taking a seat across from me.
"The dragons, you are aware of what people do to them." I said, no longer struggling over my words since there were fewer people and it was a subject I would never be stopped from speaking about if I thought I could help, not that people who can't talk even if they want to don't want to aren't determined enough, everyone is different.

"Yes I am, why is that of interest to you?" She said, eyes narrowed looking ready for a fight, so I got a determined scowl on my face and, with more energy than intended since I knocked over the chair and stood up like I meant to do that.

"What they are doing is murder and needs to be stopped!" I shouted, like fight me on this!

She looked shocked before doing something I don't think either of us expected, She spoke in the language of dragons and said, "You don't say. I mean finally someone else said it."

I just kind of stood there gawking before responding in my real voice, "of course, who do you think I am?"

Then both of us jumped when merlin jumped onto the desk and chirrped indignantly. I nodded and she looked kind of embarrassed, since he had asked if we were going to actually get anything done or just keep gawking at each other. I couldn't actually speak their language, not very well, yet, but they understood me, like anyone else would if they were receptive to communication magic.

We talked it over and decided I should stay for a while so we could figure out all the details of what we were going to do. this is how we reached the point where we were walking down the hall talking...

"So what is the first type of magic you learned?"
"Probably dream related magic, you?"
"I never said!"
"You didn't have to, so?"
"I get it now."
"you are such a natural that I would only assume-"
...When she pulled me into another room right before there was an explosion.
I gripped a near by object, a tapestry, and held it as tightly as I could while also gripping her sleeve so softly it would scarcely be perceptible. After the impact stopped she turned to look at me and froze. I was confused, why was she looking at me like that? She seemed to understand my confusion so she looked over to my hand that was still holding something and nodded, I turned around and saw it was frozen solid.
"Not now! oh crap I'm sorry." I said, letting it go again.This wasn't the worst I had done at least. I would have said more but then I noticed someone behind her. I grabbed her sleeve and screamed "there is someone behind you" but nothing came out of my mouth.
she grabbed my arm and there was a really weird feeling before I fell on the floor in the library. She was standing there like nothing had happened. She helped me up and whispered, "tell me what they looked like but don't let anyone hear, follow me."
I just nodded and followed her because what else could I do anyway. Nothing potentially beneficial is what.
"You have the mannerisms of a frequent traveler." my new travel partner said, slightly bitterly, but I ignored it.
  "How am I supposed to respond to that?" I asked, hiding a small grin at their irritation.
They rolled their eyes and ignored me in favor of an apparently one-sided conversation.
"And yet you mentioned being bored and wanting to explore, while you may be were behaving like that as a side effect of staying home for so long, it seemed that was not the case with you." They continued.
I exhaled dramatically and interjected anyway, "And why is that?" I asked, raising an eyebrow with a grin on my face. Apparently I was taken as arrogant even though this was simply my curious, read as mischievous, face. This was apparent due to the reaction of my company.
They grimaced and said, "I don't know, it just is. I cant think when you look at me like that, it's weird." They snapped.
I huffed and rolled over onto my back to stare at the ceiling, but grinned as I dramatically sighed and said, "Tis a shame, for a moment I thought you were making a semi-rational deduction." I jumped out of the way as they lunged for me, I was laughing in my almost-mocking, (but not intended to be) way as they growled and picked themselves up off the floor.
They turned to face me, eyes seeming to appear as though glowing and venomous fangs bared in a instinctive intimidation display. I stopped laughing and frowned, almost disappointedly,     as I let them pin me against the wall, slamming both of us into the chipped cream paint. "Why do you push me away?" I asked, knowing several possible and probable reasons for exactly that behavior which I had questioned.
"Shut up Nixie!" They snapped.
"I told you you could use my name." I whispered. Names were very important in my culture and while I hadn't told them my more personal name the knowledge of any name aside from family names were very personal and potentially dangerous in another's hands. Their use of my species not only distanced them self from myself, but also was a rejection of my offer for a closer relationship.
"You are a naive fool." They snapped in response.
My eyes watered as I whispered,  "I'm not the only one who needs to grow up." as they slammed the door to our room.
You are probably wondering how I got myself into this situation, So let me inform you of the events of the last (3 days or 5).

There was a lot more noise being made than was typical for this area of the forest and I didn't have any explanation for it, so like any impulsive and curious individual with a distorted sense of fear in response to events in life, I went to go see just what was going on.
My family was used to me wandering off for periods of time, it was even expected for Sprites my age and species. So it wasn't really cause for alarm if I vanished for a few days and then explained it at some point during the week, somehow. Not that that was typical, I just didn't like my mom having panic attacks. Though, I had been doing that less since my 16th birthday, when I started to really mellow out more in over all temperament.
Back to what I was saying earlier, beware my frequent tangents, I went to see what was up with my hangout space.
So I walked over to the sound, after tripping once because my hearing is better than my eyesight on dry ground and I had forgotten to pay attention to where I was going, and I saw some random person putting on a big show in some desperate attempt to escape the small crow pursuing them. I recognized the crowd as local authorities, not that I knew them, it was because of their uniforms. I mean, I don't talk to many people any anything I have gotten into in the past were small game, and still undiscovered or unexplained.
I was curious, as mentioned several times prior, and I decided it was, while not a good idea, it was an amusing one, to get closer. It also happened to be the case that I was really close to the unknown criminal.This was a key detail since said criminal decided a hostage was an easier way to escape upon noticing me slinking around. Said criminal then proceeded to grab me and position me so as to use me as a sentient shield. Of course I could have easily escaped, the easiest means of which being my claws now foolishly close to my captor's self, foolish for my captor fyi, but being the ever inquisitive creature I was, I decided to play along for as long as it entertained me.

This was how I ended up a captive of the mercenary named, well one name of which is, Nadia, or Nico, or Zora, or that one time when their name was Zdenko. I honestly don't know if any of those are their real name is, or even if they have one at this point. However, they know mine.
Mystery name took me to their lair or whatever, it wasn't near ominous enough for that title but Mystery name called it that anyway. I pretended to be trapped for a few days while sneaking around without them knowing, I'm more surprised they didn't catch on that I hadn't been depraved a body of water for however long it had been, but they didn't know much about my species anyway.
I slipped up one day while getting really into a book I had found... in their office. That is how they found out about my various escapades.

They walked in and dropped something, I would like to say this is what alerted me to their presence, but it wasn't. I actually became aware of their presence when they shouted at me, "You are out!?"
I then looked up, and, after slowly blinking simply replied, "Yes." because what else was necessary?
apparently that wasn't all they wanted since they shouted again, "How long have you been out?!"
I though for a moment before answering, "Since ten minutes after you tried to restrain me." I informed them. They were not happy with my response, and to be fair, nether of us had any idea what we were doing.
"Why are you here? why didn't you escape?!" they asked, in a really loud and confused way.
"I actually wasn't planning to escape until I felt like it, and I didn't feel like it." I said, to which they responded by simply staring at me and blinking. This is when I caught on that they really had no idea why I was doing any of this and wouldn't leave me alone to read. "Is that unusual?" I asked, I was fairly certain I knew the answer but asked anyway.
"Yes that is unusual! Who just sits around after escaping?!" They responded.
I knew the answer was obviously myself, so i decided to explain my actions instead. "I was bored, this was entertaining, I had nothing better to do, you had books." I explained.
They still looked confused but gave up understanding my motivations and just sighed, "The authorities are going to be here soon so you might as well leave." They said without any energy.
I thought this over before responding with, "Nah, I will go with you for now." They just gawked at me.
I understood the obvious question of why so I explained myself, not that they would understand anyway. "You probably have something entertaining to do next, and you could use a 'hostage' if you get caught. I am not going to get a chance at adventure and its subsequent entertainment any time soon in all likely hood, aside from this, and you are interesting. " I said, leaving out how their sadness and loneliness had drawn me in, that had no probable advantages and several likely disadvantages.
They looked confused before running a hand through their hair and saying, "You know what I don't have time to make you go away so do whatever you want, I'm leaving in an hour."
To this I smirked and they grimaced, before I jumped out a window and ran home to get packed and tell my family I would be gone for however long on my journey of self discovery in a carefully worded explanation. My cat obviously come with.

This is how I got to the event's from earlier. Maybe I will elaborate upon the parts I let out later but they were rather unremarkable  and lengthy for a short explanation.

back to my present situation, I scowled and curled up on my bed, my cat crawling out from my bag and jumping onto the bed next to me. 'stupid crying over that idiot, i don't know why you care about that jerk, but whatever, you are sad.' he said somehow condescendingly and affectionately, before curling up right next to my face with no room for argument, with fur all over my mouth and everything. This is how I fell asleep and how mystery name found me.

get rid of some of that^

"Do you prefer Nadia?" They asked in a female form.
I shook my head, "whatever form makes you the most comfortable, and whatever alias."
"Not all of them were aliases, two were my real names. I could have had a gender neutral name but no! it had to be two gendered ones!" They rambled and I started to snicker.
"Oh that's funny is it? well I guess you wii just have to guess my names then hmm?"
they said with amusement.
"No fair! I can't do that, I have too much other very important stuff to think about!" I said, swatting at them playfully.
"So? I will do just that because you said that, and what is so important, what food to buy next? When will that new book be available? You are going to have to work for it and be a detective." they said.
"No! You can't make me!" I said in response.
"I honestly haven't had a friend in a long time." they said more sadly.
"Well you can't be friendless anytime soon and that is a fact."
"Is it really?"
"No, but noting in life is certain so this might as well be called one."
"Whatever you say."

"Why are you fighting so hard for that criminal beast?" They shouted.
because fuck you that's why "Because I love that criminal beast and you are an asshole!" I shouted. they didn't like this very much, but apparently N. really did like it. I think.
Of Dragons and sprites (unfinished)
I probably won't work on this again tbh
"Who enters my lair." A deeper voice growled, echoing around the chamber.
The intruder rolled their eyes and responded, "Does it really matter, you have no idea who I am anyway.".
The creature huffed indignantly and barked, "Well that is rude, you are the one who decided to invade my lair.".
The intruder laughed "I would hardly call this a lair. I have seen more impressive displays in the troll's domains. Seriously, do you know how to design?" They said, only partially condescendingly, it was honestly more amused than cruel.  
Of course the creature did not see it his way, "And YOU would?" They snapped.
This only amused the intruder to a further extent as they sat down laughing, and wiping tears of amusement from their eyes. "Actually I am an artist, so the answer is quite a lot more than you I imagine. And I am sorry for coming off as harsh earlier, I had a bad day you know, I hope you can forgive me."  They answered more openly, and surprisingly, also in a friendly manner.
As one could expect the inhabitant of the aforementioned lair was taken aback at this intruder's mannerisms and was rather suspicious. "Why have you intruded if you desire no ill feelings?" they growled.
To this the intruder's expression darkened and they responded, "To warn you of the danger you have put yourself in. You caused quite an uproar when you made your presence known earlier." they explained. to this the creature only scoffed, much to her chagrin. "Im serious, you are in trouble, the locals know who you are and are almost to finding out where you are! And I know you aren't on the run because you feel like it, the authorities pose a real threat to you don't they?!" She shouted, out of breath.
This amused the creature, so it revealed itself as it questioned her, "And why are you here? you are not particularly intimidating, you are not here to attack, you are not a warrior,  you don't enjoy the fight I can see that much; I could go on, but my point has been made, You have no reason to help me unless you are foolish enough to think you could get something from me without dying." The creature sneered.
She huffed indignantly before snapping, "Don't judge me when you know nothing of me, and let me inform you, I am here because I want to do what I can to prevent bloodshed," She shouted, adding in a whisper, "on both sides.".
The creature laughed bitterly at her response, "Like you care what happens to me..."
The creature had continued to rant but she didn't listen, she stomped over to the creature's large (but not huge, she had had bigger friends since childhood) form and whipped them with a stream of water, in the face. "don't presume to know me." She snapped.
Everyone was still for a moment and that was when they heard it.
"You have to leave, NOW!" she hissed, eyes wide in shock as her heart beat fast against her chest.
The creature growled and resisted as she attempted to pull them with her by their large taloned hand, which was as long as her arm. The creature suddenly changed shape and ran with her. Deciding that this was their best option, and the only way to possibly avoid a fight, since, if this was a trap, the result would be a fight anyway. Surprisingly for the creature t wasn't a trap and they had escaped through a small crevice in the rocky cave wall. A crevice that the creature could not have fit through in their previous form.
"Were you planning on me transforming or were you just going to try an fit me through there when I clearly would not fit?" They said scathingly.
She flushed a little on her ears as she mumbled, "I only knew one other way out and I just ran for it, I forgot you couldn't fit, but then you had changed so I figured it would work anyway.".
"Wow, well it worked anyway." The creature said, tone dismissive. She then narrowed her eyes and started to pull them through the surrounding forest. "What are you doing?!" They snapped, stopping suddenly, to her annoyance.
"I'm taking you somewhere they won't look for you." She snapped.
"And where could I possibly be safe?" they sneered.
"Nowhere you would know." she snapped back.
The creature couldn't argue with this and so followed her.

"What are you?" the creature questioned.
She rolled her eyes and replied, "That is rather rude."
"Well sorry, I didn't know." They said
"I'm Nixie, okay? Now you know oh great and powerful dragonoid." She snapped, more harshly than the dragon had been expecting. The dragon didn't understand her volatile reaction to the information being revealed, They had me many Water nymph cultures/subspecies over the years, so why was she so defensive about it?
"Why did you yell?" They asked, reluctantly hurt and honestly intrigued.
"What? You aren't going to mock me, pee in the nearest body of water? kill someone in front of the nature creature? poor oil on me or something? Put me in a fire because I won't burn but it is hilarious to watch?! And then find out something else about me and use that against me too!?" She cried, no longer really talking entirely about what the dragon could do to her but about something else.
"Why would I do that?! Is that what you think of me?!" the dragon snapped, thinking she had really expected that of them.
"That's what the other kids did, that is what the adults who weren't afraid of their superviser did. So why don't you, everyone said you were cruel, so why would you be any better to me than them?!"
"I don't know, Maybe because they treated you like that?! Why would you listen to them?! I don't even know you, and what the fuck was wrong with the people you grew up around? You know what, what the fuck is wrong with people?!" The dragon snarled.
She sat down at the entrance to a cave and sighed, shaking her head. "I am incredibly sorry for such an outburst, I have not had one like that around a stranger in quite some time, I guess everything is getting to me. Most of my humanoid friend's moved after finishing their education here and you don't need to deal with my issues too. I don't even know you, I just was doing my regular thing, messing up my enemies plans if they weren't beneficial and seemed possibly cruel. You don't want to hear this and now Im rambling again. I always do that, And I never notice, I keep talking! I'm nervous, sorry, I will shut up now." she said, shutting her mouth and looking at her feet in humiliation. The dragon was just shocked by all she had managed to say in under two minutes.
Then what was said registered with Them, "wow, that is, almost more than I wanted to know to be honest. How can anyone talk that fast???" they said, still dazed. "Where are we anyway?" they asked, changing the subject.
This subject also seemed to embarrass the as they mumbled, "my place, I spend most of my time away from home here, no one but my friends know where it is, but don't think about trying anything because one of said friends is this forest's guardian."
"Noted." they replied with a nod.  
Another unfinished humanoid dragon fic
I think it is self explanatory 


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I still won't be super active and I probably won't be as active as I used to be anytime soon but I will be on more often hopefully, hopefully at least once a month
  • Mood: Distracted
  • Listening to: Spotify
  • Reading: The newest wings of fire book and stuff
  • Watching: Star Trek
  • Eating: Nothing, I'm out of muffins
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